Is It Time To Refinish Your Antiques?

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Is It Time To Refinish Your Antiques?

When you’ve been collecting antiques, it can be hard to know when it’s time to refinish your treasured pieces. Here are a few ways to help you decide if your antiques or furniture need a little TLC. 

1. Your Furniture Looks Faded and Dull. A common problem with furniture is that when wooden furniture is exposed to direct sunlight, it can ruin your beautiful piece by fading the color. If this is the case for you, just bring it to Pender’s Antiques, and we can give your furniture a fresh new look. 

2. Your Furniture Has Stains or Damage. Stains on your furniture, especially upholstery, can be stubborn to deal with. Any damage to your furniture can really impact the look and value of your piece. Don’t worry though, bring it to our experts and we’ll make it look brand new again! 

3. Your Furniture Has a Bad Smell. Sometimes when you’re looking for antiques, you tend to bring home the smell of the antique, too. Furniture, especially wood furniture, can hold different odors that can spread into your home if you don’t address it. This can especially be problematic if the furniture was in a smoker’s home or they had several animals. If any of your antiques have an odor, bring them to us and we will get them smelling brand new again!

4. Your Furniture Doesn’t Fit Your Style Anymore. Your taste and sense of style can change after a while. When this happens, people are usually quick to go spend more money on newer furniture. Instead of purchasing new furniture, why not just enhance the look of your current pieces? Our incredible restoration team can take your piece and transform it into something that fits your new style.

We know how much furniture and antiques can mean to you, so that’s why our experts are ready to bring your cherished furniture back to life again. Get a free quote today to get started!