Back to School Basics with Pender’s Antiques 

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Back to School Basics with Pender’s Antiques 

The school year is about to start, and it’s time to shift our focus from summertime to school. Now that the summer trips and activities have ended, it’s time to restore furniture for the kiddos for the back-to-school season! Whether you need to fix that broken office chair or repair a desk in rough shape, we are happy to help you! 

Restore Your Desk. There’s no point in buying a brand new desk just because of the wear and tear it has from the last few years. We can take your older, and damaged desk and restore it like new again. Bring it to Pender’s Antiques and let us get your desk ready in time for the school year. 

Office Chair. We know how challenging it can be when your office chair isn’t working well. Does your chair not work in the same way it used to? Let us repair your office chair today so you can work in maximum comfort! 

Bookshelves. Books are the most used tool in learning! With back-to-school season in full effect, it’s time to reevaluate the conditions of your bookshelves at home. Whether it needs a repair, a new paint job, or new hardware, our furniture restoration pros are ready to help you.   

Beds and Headboards. Rest is so important and especially important during the school year. Whether you have a headboard you want to be refinished or you need to make a repair, we can take your bed and turn it into the bed you’ve been dreaming about. 

Our restoration experts are ready to help you get your furniture in order before the chaos of the school year. Ready to get started? Get a FREE quote today!