Check Out Our Restoration and Refinishing Facility

Check Out Our Restoration and Refinishing Facility

Are you considering getting your favorite antique or furniture refinished? We specifically designed our Pender’s Antique workshop to be specifically geared to handle any of our customer’s restoration and repurposing needs. Here’s a little bit about our restoration and refinishing process! 

1. The Furniture Stripping Room. The furniture stripping room is a very important step in the refinishing process. Here we will strip any wood furniture of its old or original finish. After stripping the piece, we then hand and vat strip depending on the piece. At Pender’s, we use a flammable base stripper which strips faster than hand stripping or an overflow system.  

2. The Sanding and Repairing Room. The sanding room is where your pieces are sanded down to their original state so that we can repair any broken parts and turn your antique back into the piece that it once was. We take care of broken armchairs, glue back on decorative molding, hammer on floor protectors to side tables, and so much more here in this room! 

3. The Finishing Room. Last but certainly not least, our finishing room is equipped to take care of all of your furniture and antique restoration needs. In this finishing room, we are able to stain your antiques to make them look brand new. You can choose from a number of different stains to make sure you get the color you are wanting your piece to have. 

Want to learn more about our facility? Visit our website today to see what else we can do to accommodate your furniture restoration needs. If you’re ready to update an antique, get started with Pender’s Antiques today!