Spring Cleaning Care For Your Furniture

Spring Cleaning Care For Your Furniture

The season for cleaning and refreshing is here! Your furniture requires special care in order to stay in good condition long term. Here are tips to help you care for your antiques this spring. 

1.) Dust your wood furniture. It’s important that your wood furniture is dusted regularly with a soft brush. Dusting regularly can help prevent your antique from losing its shine as well as being damaged. 

2.) Protect and Polish. Getting a wax-based furniture polish is a great way to condition and protect your wood antiques. David Pender, Owner, suggests Liquid Gold Furniture Polish. 

3.) Don’t forget outdoor furniture. Spring means outdoor season is finally here. You can keep your outdoor furniture clean by wiping everything down with warm water and dish soap. Once you are finished, hose it off and let it dry. 

4.) Refresh your upholstery. After being cooped up in your home more than usual, it’s time to refresh your couch, chairs, and other upholstered furniture you may have. You can vacuum your upholstered furniture and wipe them down by using a dry-cleaning sponge.

If you have any furniture you’re ready to refinish, restore, or reupholster, contact us today to get started!